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Situated in the city's Central Square,  the Guilin Homeland Riverview Hotel (Guilin Haodifang Jiangjing Jiudian) is within walking distance of Zhengyang pedestrian street and Wangcheng Department Store. Popular attractions as Elephant Trunk Hill and Fuboshan Scenic Area are only 500 meters away. On offer are fully-equipped guestrooms of various sizes. Other amenities include Chinese and Western restaurants, tea house and gift shop.[View Detail]

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  • CJ33223313
    The good location of the hotel, on the Li River, away from the city's famous attractions, elephant trunk Hill, solitary beauty peak, seven are very close, within walking distance to. hotel booking tickets tour of Lijiang River, but you want to have a talk, but killed dozens of Yuan.
  • icevalen
    Gold, free upgrade, nice
  • luping58
    Hotel is located in the Lijiang River, zhengyang road Plaza from the city center and pedestrian street, Shan scenic area not far from the traffic is very convenient. only because not many hotel floors, and trees on the river bank was quite tall, so even rooms at the Riverview room, nor on the clear river views. overall, the equipment of the hotel is a little old, effects after moving feeling.
  • leslieluli
    We chose this hotel based on the location and price. We were very happy with the river view room, which had a balcony. The room itself was good, nothing spectacular, but the location is good for touristslots of cafes and restaurants nearby, the river to check out at night, pedestrian street just around the corner. It does get noisy at night because the room faced the river and there are singers and people out playing music in the evening, but we enjoyed it.
  • davis8325
    Very close to the pedestrian street, shopping convenience. facilities in General
  • gaoyiwen001
    Well, near the River, is convenient for the elephant walk, zhengyang road next to the pedestrian street, enjoy a variety of cuisine.
  • m unitary unitary
    Good location, reasonable price.
  • fang01072
    The location of the hotel in the Li River, also Xia Jiang swimming. very good!
  • e00151860
    Small room, old facilities, the door is bad
  • linvictory
    Located in the River, a beautiful environment, very convenient!
  • e03756338
    Location is very good, the Lijiang River and mountain, next to the pedestrian street, swim River to rice Street, very convenient, hotel almost than it seems, room was clean.
  • cia1234
    I recommend this hotel to friends, not only strong geographical advantages of the hotel's five-star hotel next to the service is not lost. new facilities a few years half decent hotel worthy of the price, hope can be a reference for other friends. Hotel Guilin is the most bustling downtown, don't have to worry about eating.
  • lxcccyoyo
    Good location, equipment is poor
  • e01221253
    Hotel location is very convenient, right next to the pedestrian street, eating is very convenient, hotel opposite the River, River Avenue, very nice
  • dongrenjeff
    Surrounding environment good, service, facility, value for money is not very good.
  • e01274821
    From the snack Street near nice with two free spaces
  • bbren
    Good location, on the waterfront, next to the pedestrian street. is the room small, bathroom even smaller.
  • fangbaifang
    Overall is good, is the equipment can't keep up, is worth the price
  • jobwinnie
  • megan8998
    Great location in Guilin, where walking is very convenient. facility space
  • Jason raging
    Old facilities on the street can also bathroom door was broken in our room service can also be
  • pauljian
    Also, is the room small
  • braun
    Very common kind of rooms paved with old carpets, and many hikers say, article number when you check out a towel, I said firmly with their own, haven't moved their stuff, later confirmed that difference, I cannot shout them to
  • e04949156
    Fair to middling
  • dragon7919
    River the scenery was nice, but room phone is not working, bath water is relatively small, the cold water and the weather is too cold, hot water is too hot. quarrel a bit on the side of the road, followed by a pedestrian street, easy to eat.
  • ggginn
    Riverview good toilets can see Lijiang River is himself in the shower will run some water came out and saw a couple of roaches
  • loise_1111
    Well, on the waterfront
  • e00062023
    Hotel location is very good, close to the river side of Jiefang bridge, from the solitary beauty peak, Xiangshan, seven star Rock Park are very close, you can easily walk to, from the central business district is also very near, very convenient for shopping eating. Riverside Avenue is a beauty, especially after a little rain the next.
  • d.bosco
    On the Li River, Nice.
  • e00033357
    Help a friend, the friend said, well
  • gelu_gao
    The next trip I went to this hotel in Guilin. accessibility, is a pedestrian street next to the downstairs ... overall I am satisfied! spent two nights Deluxe, is the Riverview room floor was too low, higher is better! highly recommend Guilin friends can choose this hotel!
  • ElvaCao
    On the waterfront place, can, was met a afternoon out to see views
  • James Liu
    Rooms at the slow, check out slow, good location
  • clubjuly
    Hotel location is very convenient, right next to the pedestrian street, eating is very convenient, hotel opposite the River, Riverside Boulevard, is very beautiful, but older hotel facilities, there are mosquitoes at night, towels are not very clean, service at the front desk!
  • e00867305
  • rongmeimei
    Why room health to playing 3 points does, because has cockroaches, nausea, may I is North people, in we side basic see not to this things, but second days on see in I bed Shang climbed, at I put mattress are opened has to playing it, was wants to find front desk for room of, but zhiqian because has odor has for had two a room, so on didn't again for up live and live a late. front desk service also line, for room Shi didn't annoying,
  • Cici920
    Lovely sunshine outside even better
  • cry5615
    Environment are also good, is to shop late, no double bed.
  • e03352627
    It feels good
  • xiaoyue5995
    Convenient, sanitary clean. good services and facilities is very good!
  • suyy1314
    Overall good, but the Riverview room, I only see the trees
  • bettylily88
    Taste is very heavy, expensive
  • e01109398
    On the Riverside road, good location
  • e05517379
    Good location, visit eating convenient, service is also available, this price can be.
  • e01143597
    Overall, travel really convenient
  • pengjame
    Hotels convenient geographical seats, rear walk very well.
  • gianter
    Not clean the quilt is
  • Piringo
    Spent a good night itch, wash three times better, towels very old
  • gunterwangyu
    The location was excellent, the river singers, room was simple,
  • ryoryo0120
    Well, good health condition