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Golden week to detonate guilin tourism hotel is hard to find a room

Date: 2013-10-01

October 1 is the first day of National Day golden week, although the holiday is just beginning, but the tourist city of guilin in guangxi has been felt around the tourists for its strong love.Scenic spots crowded, traffic on the road, the collective into tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists in guilin long vacation first day there is a hotel room is hard to find.
9 a.m., the starting point of lijiang JingHuaYou bamboo river port and mill hill has been filled with waiting for a boat in the lijiang river scenery tourists, terminal of the ticket window also surrounded by waiting to buy tickets of the individual.According to dock workers were tourists in the scenic area of more than 4800 people, including a 30% increase in number of individual tickets than usual.
Chenghui in guilin xiangshan scenic area, while the traffic police department has the scenic spot on the sidewalks of the door open for temporary parking lot, still is from guangdong, hunan, anhui and other places of the private cars parked.Busloads of tour buses, minibuses are only along the binjiang road lined up, like a long dragon.
Along the li river all the way down, and come to yangshuo same "empty".But before 12 noon, "global village" west street has become a tourist of the ocean.Less than a mile stone path, due to tourists, need more than half an hour to walk the walk.
Large-scale landscape subject-live performance "impression liu sanjie" but also the "beacon" of a visitor.According to performance management WeiXing manager, 1 night will be more than 7000 visitors to watch the performances, 2 to 5 tickets have been sold more than 98%.At present the company is coordinating increase art form, in order to satisfy the demands of tourists to watch.
Yangshuo county tourism bureau director, told reporters that this year is "tourism law" promulgated after the first week, but the area's tourism market has not affected."Guilin yangshuo is established popular tourist destination, is given priority to with holiday leisure travel. This year's National Day golden week tourists fell, although the team, but individual drive than in previous years has greatly increased the number of visitors."
1st reporter visits found that due to the influx of large Numbers of tourists, guilin city each big guesthouse, the hotel are full.Most visitors choose samsung with previous years and the star economy hotel chain is different, the golden week, the average price in 1000 yuan or so the lijiang river of guilin hotel, great falls hotel four-star above such as high-end hotel has been booked up.A lot of the hotel, the current has a room is hard to find.
"In previous years, the National Day to 2 after occupancy rate will reach 100%, individual clients, drive visitors this year much more special, today will have no room."Guishan huaxing guilin hotel head said.
According to guilin tourism sector is expected, since 2 local will have holiday peak passenger flow, the lijiang river scenic area will half an hour early shipment, visitors can ticket two days in advance to buy tickets.