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Guilin wanda sign for cultural tourism city

Date: 2013-12-17

On December 15th, wanda group signed an agreement with government in nanning, guilin, wanda plans to invest 24 billion yuan to build guilin cultural tourism city (hereinafter referred to as "wanda guilin city") project, this is so far the largest cultural tourism project investment in guangxi.Guangxi zhuang autonomous region chairman Chen wu, wanda group chairman wang jianlin attended the signing ceremony.
An area of 88 hectares, the guilin city wanda a total construction area of 800000 square meters, the project total investment 24 billion yuan, including cultural tourism investment 15 billion yuan, the project plan to start the second half of 2014, built in 2017, can be directly created 20000 jobs, annual revenue is 3 billion yuan, is expected to pay more than 400 million yuan.
According to understand, guilin, wanda city planning, culture, tourism, business, hotel four content, divided into giant wanda alum, large outdoor theme park, hotel group, large stage show, bar street, high-end cruise terminal six function areas.Wanda mau is wanda commercial complex in the world's unique cultural tourism, all for the indoor events, including indoor theme park, movie entertainment park of science and technology, large cinema, indoor ice skating rink, shopping center, etc.Large outdoor design combining with guangxi cultural theme park, the introduction of the world's most advanced large-scale amusement equipment, has the Chinese first ssangyong racing a roller coaster and surging ahead into the biggest fall in China projects.Five resort hotel area in the face of the lijiang river, planning; lakeside pub street will be the introduction of more than 20 domestic and foreign famous brand bar.Cruise terminal 10 yacht berths, wanda build high-end will upgrade the guilin cruise ship by boat.
Wanda group, said wang jianlin, chairman of wanda city construction will promote guilin and guangxi guilin tourism industry transformation and upgrading, make the culture and tourism of guilin, commercial facilities to achieve world-class level, to become the world's cultural and tourism city.