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Guilin urban open inclusive in the fusion of Chinese and western elements unique Christmas international fan

Date: 2013-12-25

Yesterday's Christmas Eve , and a deep sense of Guilin Chinese elements with Western holiday perfect integration of foreigners and local people come together , the city is open , inclusive and unique international norm is highlighted.

The end of the night , is building an international tourist destination for Guilin is like a microcosm of 2013 .Guilin January-October total number of tourists 30,493,800 passengers, of which domestic tourists 28,784,400 passengers, inbound tourists 1,709,400 passengers, an increase of three significant figures than last year .Meanwhile, on the international tourism Guilin influence is steadily higher and higher , Lijiang selected for the U.S. CNN selected 15 of the world's most beautiful rivers worth Tourism , Guilin selected Xinhua vote "the most beautiful China List" , settled in France Club Med Resort in Guilin , Guilin HOMA ......

In addition, we are "going out ."This year Guilin around the " international tourist destination Guilin leisure beautiful " theme , the active tourism marketing campaign overall international image and tourism promotion, cultural landscape fourth Guilin International Tourism Festival , the Fourth China Guilin International Tourism Expo Tourism Brandhave successfully held the exhibition .

● " global village" Carnival Night staged no shortage of Chinese elements

Known as the " global village" Yangshuo , many foreigners are the first choice for Christmas .Here Guilin deep flavor and Chinese elements, make this Christmas a distinctive flavor.

Liu is a senior at Guangdong University of Finance yesterday, more than 40 of her classmates with the class graduation trip to Yangshuo , each wearing a Christmas hat , in the West is very conspicuous."Early heard Yangshuo is ' global village ' , think Christmas atmosphere so intense. Many foreigners greet us , we feel like friends for many years ." Liu said excitedly .

Vincent from New Zealand , is one of the foreigners on the West .Two years ago he went to China tour , fell in love on the roots do not go to Yangshuo ."I like Yangshuo , Christmas atmosphere here is very good , I told my Chinese students spent a happy Christmas Eve ." In the West , Vincent excitedly greeted the students sang Christmas songs while dancingNew Zealand's traditional Christmas day from the dance .Students " retaliate " Vincent , he pulled danced traditional Chinese dance circle .

This is just a corner of West carnival , many businesses and shops launch rave , so foreign and foreign tourists enjoy Christmas .

In a bar , Finland Jukka boys are enjoying Christmas bonfire , he just met with many Chinese friends drink it : "This is my first Christmas away from home , although I miss home , but tonight I and many of my friends together, where a lot of fun , thanks to Yangshuo , Guilin grateful ! "Jukka also said that in Yangshuo Christmas and in Finland are not the same taste , " At night I eat rice, chili fried chicken , and even dumplings, candied fruit ,and at home, we would eat popcorn . "

In addition to local "national style" , Yangshuo many bars have prepared a lot of foreigners like the show : There are the most sought after young Americans drinking game BeerPong, soccer , outdoor stage and so on.Xu Xiang , a bar manager, told reporters: " 80% of the tourists here are Westerners they came to China , in particular, the integration of different cultures Yangshuo this place over the Christmas and feel very different . ."

● major hotels well prepared for the foreigner to create a "home"

Last night, at the major hotels in the city , the joy of Christmas is also very strong.

Around 19:00 , Grand Ballroom Shangri-La Hotel 's bustling greeter a red Santa Claus dress, beside a tree a few meters high Christmas tree attracted kids competing photo.

Mr. Wei took 8 -year-old son to eat Christmas dinner , he told reporters that although Christmas is coming holiday abroad , but in today's atmosphere of universal brotherhood , let the children feel the festive atmosphere abroad is good ."Guilin so many foreign tourists each year , there is no international norm , Guilin how can keep up with the development needs of the times ? "

Sheraton repairing Christmas dinner has been a tradition for many years , every year the hotel will elaborate some cookies with foreign characteristics , cakes to foreign guests , so that they can enjoy in different places , " the taste of home ."The hotel staff Miss Hou told reporters : . " While Christmas is a Western holiday, but now more and more acceptable to the public , which is a fusion of Western culture in our hotel to spend Christmas in a foreign guests, but also to feel the rich taste of the festival . "

In Lijiang Waterfall Hotel , the lobby playing Christmas songs of joy in ring tones , Christmas trees and ribbons snow, "Santa Claus" are rushing elk , a sled to give gifts to the children .

Hotels relevant responsible person said , " Christmas for people in Western countries , the equivalent of our Spring Festival, this time , allow our guests to feel the festive atmosphere and their own culture , which is why we make guests feel at home in pursuit." at Christmas , the hotel is connected telephone terminology has changed , when the phone would add the words" Merry Christmas . "The Ministry is also room for this holiday hotel in the foreign guests who brought a special little gift: give guests the staff cleaning the room , secretly leaving a Santa Claus doll in front of the guests small bedside cabinet, tothem a little surprise.

Englishman Martin ( transliteration ) for the first time in China for Christmas." I am ready to give small gifts hotel is very intimate, the restaurant is also preparing a turkey , which did not make me feel very far away from home , thank you Chinese friends ." Martin joked , Guilin 's no snow for Christmas , or justChristmas at home is almost the same.

● business promotional efforts of new public holiday ideas

Christmas Eve is a night of revelry foreigners , but Guilin is no stranger to Christmas , as an international tourist city , there are numerous foreign tourists each year travel to Guilin , Guilin many foreigners even settled .After years of exchanges among foreign cultures Christmas Guilin has gradually been known and accepted , Christmas promotional activities , many businesses are also keeping the public holiday ideas.

8 o'clock yesterday evening , the reporter saw at Dream Island mall , mall advertising is very eye-catching Christmas discounts , discounts and promotions in the supermarket is very attractive to the eye .Before the first floor and the shoe store cosmetics counters , full of people who come to shop .A mall official said , Christmas in Guilin very influential people naturally it as a " shopping day " , so businesses will strive to move closer to the holidays and the general public demand.

"This year's Christmas compared to previous years , the main point will be concentrated in a few hours time on Christmas Eve , and detonated consumption boom ." This is the name of the person in charge said that this is also fully take into account people's spending habits and the content of the festival.

Last night the department store shopping is also very lively , merchant promotional also to the force .

Gold jewelry counter who was shopping before Ms. Wang said she and the family had just finished dinner and Western , in recent years , she has been accustomed to for Christmas.Guilin is very strong festive atmosphere , this festival she has habits and their families , but also to appreciate this " foreign Spring Festival ."

In addition to discounts , there are a number of shopping centers are featured programs and activities to create a festive atmosphere thick Western International Van full.Wal-Mart near a shopping center in December 25 arranged a " Christmas Night" carnival gala .Mall official told reporters that the Christmas event also invited to participate in a lot of foreign friends , "We invite them to participate in the Christmas shopping activities to allow them to have a feeling of home , and secondly, to have their participation, Christmas flavorwill be thicker , but also to attract more customers . "

In the Union of Commercial Plaza , the mall on Christmas Eve then organized a " candy Trek " Christmas activities , the mall "Santa Claus" Christmas gifts distributed to the customer site .

● Guilin begun the integration of culture in international norm here

20:00 , Banyan Lake in Guilin Library Division , "Guilin is my home ," Christmas party so here became a sea of joy .Music and dancing children , foreigners soulful singing Chinese songs in English lovers ...... Gui here to celebrate the festival.

"Dad , Dad , where we go that way ? " The audience of parents and children sang "Daddy Where" ; foreign friends from the United States , Britain, China , Nepal singing along with the song "Friends" will be party to a climax.

GE Seoul hugged a Chinese friend of Nepal English Corner , said: " ! ! Great Christmas party this warm home here," he told reporters , this is the first time he was not at home for Christmas , but Guilin friendso he had a warm holiday feeling at home as cordial atmosphere .

" " Friends , " this song is to let us know how to have a happy life there are friendships , to have friends all over the world ." GE Seoul , said he came to the English corner half a year , in English horn he pay child speaks English, whilealso made a lot of friends , "I like Guilin , where the scenery is very beautiful , kind-hearted people , so I feel at home ."

Founder of the English corner of Guilin Liu Yu Kun , said: "Guilin is a global village , so that friends from around the world in Guilin feel the taste of home is Guilin international norm , he said , English horn from 1991 inception, and now has 22 years .Historically, according to statistics there are more than 140,000 English fans involved, which has more than 10,000 foreigners from over 40 countries . " English corner lot in a message on the wall of foreigners , say they feel unique in Guilinbeauty of the landscape , you can here is a matter where you come from can melt into the crowd in heaven , Guilin kind and friendly , giving foreigners the same family care . "

Liu Yu Kun also believe that the construction of an international tourist destination of Guilin , Guilin foreign friends will come more and more people to go out and Guilin will be more and more, so international cultural exchanges will be more and more, culture is a blendkind of inevitable.