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Live in guilin landscape

Date: 2013-10-09

Say goodbye to the congestion of the golden week, the next stop is inferior to enjoy a quiet journey.Driving away from the center of guilin, yangshuo west street and dragon ridge terrace is a must-see destination.In addition to beauty, chic, comfortable and simple inn, can let a person experience the most simple leisure life, sip coffee here, read a book, or overlooking the distance, let beauty to comfort your heart.As long as with a heart to relax in, it would be very different from city wonderful experience.
The mansion of the healing journey
In yangshuo, the inn is famous.The whole design similar to northern mansion, the configuration of the room is both classical and modern home.Inn built on the top of the mountain can only building hotel in yangshuo, most of the guest room is equipped with a small garden.In yangshuo landscape with fog, often feel spatio-temporal crisscross, and at that time in the Philippines ryland viewing balcony, taste the warm coffee, quietly in the surrounding space filled with pure and fresh and bright atmosphere, at this moment, you are no longer obviously felt anxious and boredom, then a relaxed, enjoy the moment has no burden at leisure.
Staying here, and the famous yangshuo west street looked across the river.In your trip, might as well on the column welfare ancient town and the cheerful ping town, because is not far from the inn, put down the luggage tidy up can go out to hang out.
Like a lot of hotel, inn with transportation, catering, laundry, basic services such as travel consultation and act as purchasing agency tickets, at the same time some unique services such as mountain bike rental, tents, motorcycle, arrange trip more interesting for its guests.Beauty company, relax yourself, as long as in the life of a simple and beautiful, no wonder people call it the "healing inn".
Hotel: yangshuo ryland inn
Food: inn provides freshly brewed coffee, and food supply.
Other service: inn provides motorcycle, tents, mountain bike rental, laundry service, wireless network coverage, ticketing act as purchasing agency service and shuttle service.
Wangjiang comfortable experience
Left out of the window is the beautiful scenery of the lijiang river, adjacent to sun yat-sen accommodation site, after xu beihong's former residence, is apart from the famous west street (foreigner) street about 150 meters, about 800 meters west to yangshuo bus station, from hope yangshuo tourism wharf in charge of foreign affairs and domestic tourism wharf about 350 meters, the transportation is convenient, because the wangjiang floor hotel located in prime locations of yangshuo county, therefore is not without its popularity.Opposite the hotel inn is a same name.Inn is a bed and breakfast room 24, a unique interior decoration and room clean and comfortable.
Wangjiang floor of 17 and 21 furnished rooms of the hotel inn furnished rooms have independent spacious viewing balcony.Staying here, leaning over the balcony, watching misty rain the lijiang river, castle peak building outside, a meter of sunshine, gently into the landscape.Hotel and hostel rooms are laid wooden floor, equipped with air conditioning, color TV, toilet, telephone, wireless networks, etc., and comfortable recreational life be modern living facilities.In addition, the hotel and hostel, western-style food and local characteristics of food and beverage service, 24-hour supply of hot water, and can according to the requirements of the guests for the guests to provide travel advice.
Hotel: yangshuo inn hotel and wangjiang wangjiang floor floor
Room: the hotel's rooms, a total of 28 including husband and wife, jiang river, jiang family standard double rooms, three-bed rooms, common standard rooms and single rooms six river room.
Other service: the hotel offers free travel consultation, to book the scenic spots in discount ticket, air tickets, bus tickets;Free contact guide taxi;The room has a free wireless networks;And to provide the service of airport pick up, bicycle rental, and laundry services etc.
The hillside of plain living
This built by Chinese fir into a cabin located halfway up the hill farm in the village, here not only provide accommodation, also supporting the Chinese and western restaurants, coffee makes it emits small endowment emotional appeal.No city tao breakdown and neon-lit, dark night, the moonlight illuminate village, particularly pure and fresh and free from vulgarity.
Stay here, there is no network coverage, don't have to feel isolated, because residents still can be in very little inn garage through like the magazines, or play chess playing CARDS in the game room to make some new friends, life is wonderful on the hill.
Another theme of leisure necessarily related to eat.Say goodbye to the big fish big meat in the usual, might as well open a meal here healthy peasant vegetarian dishes, nutritional snacks collocation of a few characteristics.
After filling, pushed open the door, walked out of the inn, is natural and beautiful terrace of water, mist-covered mountain in the morning, enough to make people smell smell.
Honest people, so many guests here feel warm home inns, tenderly, blend in the local, can realize more simple and real thing.
Hotel: guilin dragon ridge terrace farm village rice farm
Service: the inn provides 24-hour hot water supply
Rooms: room, between between the case and the common bathroom facilities clean.Lovely sweet household arrangements.
Location: about 30 to 40 minutes from da-zhai parking lot, scenic spot about 50 minutes to the no. 1, no. 2 spot about 30 minutes, 3 attractions about an hour.