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Guilin: "wisdom tourism" (see article)

Date: 2014-10-04

"I am in charge of online marketing 4 hotels, occupancy rates are more than 95% today, today is the" wisdom tourism "era." On October 3, speak of the "golden week" guilin tourism characteristics, Mr Li blurted out, "scenic spot tickets online booking, official micro letter open map navigation and so on, these are the obvious characteristics of the" wisdom tourism "."
In the cave scenic area, in addition to "liu sanjie" folk song singing, "national cultural character" wax traditional programs, such as the highlight of the preferential activities for network. According to staff of the scenic spot, National Day golden week, their online sales have detonated in an all-round way. Visitors need to use their phones to baidu search @ reed flute, booking is namely; Visitors use micro letter map navigation can arrive accurately. The holiday CITS group as the first pilot enterprises, enterprise standardization guilin they hand in hand to Cloud maps hosted Cloud map "to pick a hole in the tourism, rich award home" activities. In charge of the group said that much need to use a smart phone pay close attention to their micro signal to participate in the public. If "who found the APP data errors or incomplete, scenic spot can be 'fault' at us, 'pick a person can be free lottery, not only have a chance to share 5000 free travel places."